Some post-holiday thoughts on the Sofitel Shanghai Sheshan Oriental

It’s expensive – and I don’t just mean the room rate. This is no all-inclusive deal – you pay for everything apart from breakfast, and that means 45 RMB (inc service) for a tin of diet coke. So bring your own supplies if coming!

Supplies could include some food. The buffet got a tad boring after two days and the a la carte restaurant had a disappointing menu and was sold out of everything anyway.

Oh, and definitely bring your own bottles of wine to enjoy on your balcony of an evening!

On the plus side, the facilities are good – bring gym kit, beach toys and plenty to read.

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Hotel room view


Nice. If only it was a little warmer …

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WordPress app

One of the things that made me keen to try out blogging is using those 10 minutes / other snatched moments with the iPad to update the blog. However WordPress the website and Safari for iOS don’t play nice. So I’m trying out the free WordPress app. Initial thoughts good!

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Initial thoughts on the Sofitel Shanghai Sheshan Oriental

Very nice hotel. Arrived yesterday (Google maps initially taking me to a place down the road with a large KTV outside – thoughts of “This can’t be it!”, but Apple maps on my phone got us to the right place.)

Significantly sized buffet dinner last night, pool looks good and the boy will enjoy the fake beach, but a few “things I wish we had thought of …”:

  • check the forecast more carefully – temp just dropped to 12*C overnight, leads to chilly evenings sitting out (Room has excellent outside area with direct pool access)
  • bring a light jacket / jumper (see above)
  • to avoid minibar prices bring own wine and corkscrew for evening consumption
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The fella in his motor

The fella in his motor

Enjoying the new (not there was an old) police car.

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Saturday morning

Girl’s still in bed, the lad’s eating toast (special treat) and sitting in his new police car. I’m trying out this new blog.

Things could be worse …

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